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Sept 16, 2016 Agenda & Minutes


Agenda for 9/16 meeting at the Local Buzz 1-2pm:

a. Discuss recurring meeting schedule.
b. Discuss upcoming events we know about.
c. Discuss local organizations for our “job/position” board.
d. Discuss attracting new members.
e. Discuss next meeting – same night as Chamber of Commerce finance event.


MINUTES – SEPT 6, 2016

Keisha Luce, Monique Priestley; Guest: Ian Clark

1. Local Rotary Club Needs Volunteers – Ian Clark
a. Rotary Basketball Tournament (Ticket Takers, Raffle Ticket Sellers), 21 & 22nd and 28 & 29th of January.
b. Needs help selling ads in the Fall. Ian has as list of locations to stop in at.
c. Field trip to rotary club meeting for members to attend to see what it’s all about. Possibility of  World Polio Day Oct 24th.
d. Ian will follow-up with more information on these items.

2. Marketing / Business
a. Ian had an idea that we should have a trifold brochure. Monique will work on this.
b. Monique is going to write to the Chamber to see if it would make sense/be possible to have the group be a fiscal sponsor of CYP.

3. NYE Party

a. Keisha:
Keisha talked to Patrick Ross – out of town that day.
Decorations – white lights, lanterns, balloons.
Keisha talked to Deb Sullivan (Barnyard Incident – husband part of Grassfed Boys). Part of the Shed. Has a company called Broken Dishes Catering. Keisha thinks it would be good to pull her in. She could make money on the food. Another idea for a band is Zookeepers. Blue Rooster. Party Crashers.
We could do desserts.

b. Monique:
Thinks we need a “bouncer” at the door to check IDs and give out bracelets for bar access. Brad said he would if he wasn’t busy.


c. General
$500 for band goal. Maybe at 5 sponsors at $100 each. Need it for the flyer that Keisha is sending out. 7k homes. Insert in the Bridge Weekly? Ads?
Ask for sponsors in Listserv, Banks, Facebook, Law Firms, BBA, Chamber, State Chambers of Commerce, local businesses
Champagne Toast
$10 / $20 Family Kids 12-18 $5
Cornhole Tournament
BTA child games / movies