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May 22, 2016 Agenda & Minutes


1. Brainstorm of topics to cover
a. Networking Events
i. Upper Valley Young Professionals
ii. Stay Work Play NH
b. Mentor Program & Other Community Organizations
c. Workshops
i. Community Capital VT / NH
ii. Cohase Chamber of Commerce
d. Community Involvement / Volunteer Opportunities / Board Memberships
i. Involving Family / Kids
ii. Rotary
e. Employment / Job Postings
f. Memberships? / Sponsorships?
i. Idea: Free to members whose employers are members of the Chamber of Commerce

2. Logistics
a. What day of the week works best for people?
b. Would these be more successful with child care? (Wondering about partnering with Teen Association)
c. Location?
d. Recurring schedule? (Monthly? Bi-monthly? Quarterly with Executive Committee to meet more frequently?)

3. Check-In Form with Contact Info
a. Index cards / pencils with 3 prompts: community, learning, networking/social.

4. Offer to meet one-on-one to tell people more about the event.


MINUTES – MAY 22, 2016

Sam Drazin, Keisha Luce, Monique Priestley, Ryan Lockwood, Matthew Matterson, Liane Allen, Natalie Allen Nicholson, Andy Nicholson

a. Networking Lunch
b. Working day at the buzz with discount (upstairs is office space)
c. Makerspace (Sam – Michael Metz)
d. Similar Minded Groups: Uncollege / Artisan’s Asylum / Destination Imagination / Robotics teams at Thetford and St J / UVM Robotics dept is interested in helping state / Voyagers Homeschool Co-Op / Patchum (Montpelier) / Open Fields / Cambridge MA homeschool coop / MIT Spark and Splash
e. Other young pro groups in the area on website
f. BBQ / Picnic / Field Trips / Mixer
g. Doodle poll for days/times that work. Would it help to have childcare?
h. Rotary
i. Mentor program
j. Brochure / business card / rack card (at Buzz/Bliss/Newbury Village)
k. Individually meet with people
l. Listserv general information
m. Survey on listserv
n. Happy hour events at local businesses
o. Game Nights
p. Meet & Greets
q. Hacker events
r. Collaborative group projects
s. Midnight madness promotion
t. Young professionals craft auction
u. Gallery for stuff that people want to showcase their work

a. Volunteer business connecting
b. Posting of volunteer opportunities
c. More venues and opportunities for younger people to talk about issues (forums)
d. Nonprofit panel
e. Volunteer fair
f. Rotary
g. Chamber of Commerce / Business Associations
h. Help others learn things – workshops
i. Filmslam
j. Makers Club – projects with kids. Would like to see young people interested in technology. Would like to see robotics, things etc. Maker spaces. Any subject something like what they are doing at the library. Some structure to explore things that aren’t going on at school already. Mentor opportunities.
k. Collaborative group projects
l. Newbury robotics fair
m. Space like makers space where people could go and work together to ask for help and bounce ideas off of eachother. Uncollege collaboration. Collaborative projects. Gap year program.
n. Partnerships with the schools
o. Listserv for this group or website
p. Forum with a login

a. Using social media to promote business
b. Social business – learning about socially responsible biz
c. Quickbooks
d. Finance – starting and funding new and small businesses
e. Fundraising
f. Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator
g. Robotics – workshop / host – reach out to UVM
h. Software and Electrical engineering
i. Arduino
j. Online marketing workshops
k. DEN – Marie (Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network)
l. VTC for robotics professors
m. VAST program
n. Someone from SCORE (Leb)
o. Catamount Arts
p. Film slam workshop – Bissell grant for educational
q. Videography / Oxbow workshops tie in
r. Green screen – for kids green screen day
s. Safe stage fighting – fight choreographers
t. Richard Waterhouse – acting for film
u. Costuming chainmail / prop making

a. Getting the Word Out
i. Commissions for the job board
ii. Events
iii. Tie in to events that are happening here already (hard to start new events)
iv. Go to the recycling center
v. Post office
vi. Facebook / posters / social media St J to Hanover
vii. Listservs
viii. Front Porch Forum
ix. Limited and low cost for events
b. Where could we ask for sponsorships?
ii. WGSB
iii. VT Community Foundation
iv. Coworking spaces in VT
v. NH foundations
vi. NH Charitable Foundation
vii. Ben & Jerry’s (food for events)
viii. Dunkin Donuts (food for events)
c. Where should we meet?
i. Colatina
ii. Apple picking at Windy Ridge
iii. Ice cream social
iv. Group tours of things (Cabot / Teddy Bear Factory)
v. Corn Maze
d. What are quick events we could try?
i. Website making – quick workshops
ii. Paper maiche pumpkins – halloween display
iii. Haunted house fundraiser – handmade with schools
iv. Makerspaces and workshops – Matt would write up objectives/curriculum